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Signatures for We condemn the disappearance of Carlos Rene Roman Salazar // Condenamos la desaparicion de prof. Carlos Rene Roman Salazar

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51 BethBaker-Cristales  
52 JulianRodriguez-Drix Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island
53 MaryYee  
54 ClareWeber  
55 GerardoLicon  
56 YuisaGimeno  
57 SharonHallas Oaxaca, Mexico
58 AndreaCaraballo  
59 GabrielaSanchez Soto Brown University
60 ChrisMendez  
61 PaulBocking Teacher, Member of Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) Human Rights Committee
62 EnriqueOchoa  
63 EuniceO'Mahony  
64 NickieAcero  
65 ErikHopp  
66 JenkaSoderberg End the repression of teachers and other labor unions in Oaxaca.
67 BruceLyne  
68 lyndalemberg  
69 RogerLangen Mexico must try to become its own country and not continue to act for the United States and its "free trade." The disappearance and incarceration of Mexico's best citizens is a poor advertisement for Mexico. Oaxaca's people are the true Mexico.
70 EdMontgomery  
71 DavidBanerjee  
72 amys  
73 MichaelKuttner  
74 MichaelKeefer  
75 MelanieWillson Toronto, Ontario, Canada secondary school teacher
76 DorothySmith  
77 AminaAlly  
78 HimaniBannerji  
79 JesseZimmerman  
80 JoeModeste  
81 DaleRoberts  
82 NathanielSpielberg  
83 ElenaContreras  
84 TroyKokinis  
85 NathanielMiller  
86 CameronGerlach  
87 SylviaSmith  
88 KeikoKubo  
89 ValEndicott  
90 MarceloSaavedra Carlos Roman Salazar es un maestro que educa a nuestros hijos. Demandamos que aparezca con vida!
91 AbbeyHuggan  
92 WarrenKazor  
93 MichaelPesa  
94 BeccaRast  
95 GordonDoctorow As a fellow North American (from Canada) and an educator, I am disturbed that such human rights abuses are occurring on our continent. Mexico's reputation is at stake--don't allow such violations of democracy.
96 BradMcleod my concern is hightened
97 jackmurphy  
98 DavidStein  
99 michaelcrawley  
100 TeresaVilla-Ignacio